In an effort to improve mass transit in the central Indiana region, a comprehensive plan known as Marion County Transit Plan has been created. This plan would enhance the current system, introduce five rapid transit routes across central Indiana and increase the frequency and operating hours of local bus service. To educate the public on the benefits of this plan, our team produced a video highlighting what mass transit means to Indianapolis.

As part of the MCTP, in spring of 2018, Indianapolis will be home to the nation's first, fully battery-electric bus rapid transit project with fewer stops, and more frequent service. This new north/south route will connect riders to more places…faster. It will increase access to work, health care, education, restaurants, entertainment and shopping. CVR created a campaign to help residents and business owners along the route understand the impact of this project and get involved at community meetings.

We also created an interactive experience for Instagram showcasing route attractions and system features. The video below shows off this unique way of sharing content. This project won a Gold ADDY as well as Judges Choice in 2016.



Draft Picks

Naming, logo and various collateral for Clearwater, Florida's newest sports and craft beer bar.

Agency: CVR




Innovation usually comes with some trial and error. It can be a lot of "throwing ideas at the wall to see what sticks". When Firestone Building Products developed a revolutionary new adhesive for self-adhered roofing membranes, this old adage just seemed to fit.

Agency: CVR

A more in-depth marketing video was also created to explain the technical and financial benefits of this new adhesive technology.


Each year, Firestone Building Products commits to keeping track of, and reducing, their impact on the environment. Firestone has been on the cutting edge, compiling Sustainability Reports even before it was trendy. It's a lot of data, but that doesn't mean it can't be nice to look at and easy to understand at a glance. Here are a few pages from the printed version. Soon, I'll be able to share the digital version with animated versions of the charts.